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Around the World Embassy tour 2015

May 04, 2015

Once a year the embassies in DC open their doors to locals and tourists alike to come see and learn more about the various countries represented. I had read about the tours when I was researching prior to our move here last June and instantly loved the idea. Now that we are actually living in the city it was a no-brainer that we could get up early to try to see how many of the countries we could visit.

Countries Visited: Embassy of the African Union, Botswana, Bangladesh, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Mozambique

Each of the embassy showcased their country's heritage in their own way. Some of them played music from their country, had authentic dancers, and gave free food to their visitors. All of the embassy visits had a personal feel despite the long lines that many of them had throughout the afternoon. The highlights for me were the free food at the Ivory Coast and African Union. I have always wanted to travel to Africa so having authentic dishes from parts of that continent was quite a treat.

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