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Life update

April 27, 2015

Life has been a tad crazy the last few weeks with us moving from Alexandria to DC proper. Funny how a simple 12 miles move across a river can cause such stress. Between last year's out of state move to moving into our city just the two of us, I have no desire to move for a long time. If you can survive moving with your spouse without killing the other person, you have a solid marriage in my opinion.

I am loving my adjustment to urban living. I have pretty much lived all of my life in suburbs where you need a car for everything. Now I have a metro station, groceries, and restaurants within walking distance of our new apartment. I'm looking forward to exploring all the neighborhoods of DC now that I actually live in the city.

On the job front I've been doing some soul searching on what makes me happy. I'm 2 years out from the end of my teaching career and to be honest I'm not thrilled at my current position. The position is not really what it was advertised and the monotony of the work can be draining. Coming from years of teaching and my last Florida position where I was constantly busy, I'm not used to doing the same tasks day in and day out. I guess I'm still searching and exploring what I want to do when I grow up at 33. Hopefully one day I'll figure it out.


  1. good luck with the job hunt, I'm currently apartment hunting.

  2. City living sounds like such an adventure. I guess you have a pretty solid relationship since you survived the move. I agree-it's super stressful!

  3. Love the windows!! I'm so excited about your move into the city...SO awesome!! P and I have moved 3 times (1 cross-country), I find the finding the place part the most stressful. Yeah, moving is not the most fun.