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2015- The year of self

January 14, 2015

I suck at keeping new years resolutions. I have lost count of how many Januarys have started with me saying I was going to exercise more or stop procrastinating. That is why I love the concept of assigning a theme for the new year as a guide to things you want to accomplish instead of using the traditional resolutions. I feel like the last year was one filled with transition. I completed the transition from a non- teaching job and then I moved out of state in the middle of the year. Almost 7 months into my new area I am finally starting to feel more at ease in this new place. When I was thinking about what I wanted to focus on in 2015 I kept coming back to the thought that I wanted to focus on myself. I am one of those people who tend to put others first and unintentionally put myself on the back burner and this is something I want to change. So this is the year of self. This year I will focus on discovering what makes me happy and exploring things that bring me joy.

1. Read more books. I go through stages in which I read a ton and others when I'm barely reading. I want to become a more consistent reader.

2. Explore what I want from my career.  I loved my last job despite not making a great salary. Going from teaching to non-profit was not an easy transition at first but I loved the work. My current job isn't exactly giving me the same feelings. I signed up for a free web course from to learn more about my strengths to see what jobs fit me best.

3. Try new things big and small.

4. Travel somewhere I've never been before.  I have pretty much traveled the majority of the east coast from Florida to New Hampshire, but never ventured into the Midwest or gone further out West than Las Vegas.

Does anyone else do yearly themes? What is your theme this year?


  1. I'm definitely working on being a more consistent reader. It's going pretty well so far but it's only 14 days into the new year. I don't have a theme or a word this year. Good luck following your theme.

  2. I like your title picture! Same here, 2014 seemed just like a big transition year. I'm still working out what I want to focus on this year. Career is a big one for me. Best of luck in 2015!