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It's Ok

March 11, 2015

                                     You can't have a blog post without a photo, right?

It's ok that T and I ate 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this weekend. Thin Mints don't last too long around our house. I didn't get the nickname Cookie Monster as a child for nothing.

It's ok that I'm over winter. I know I willingly left Florida and its nice weather, but I had enough snow until next winter. Come on spring!

It's ok that I have been putting off Pure Barre classes due to my lack of motivation this winter season. The thought of trekking out in the cold to go work out isn't making it easy for me. If you work out regularly during these cold months you are my hero. I need to learn your ways.

It's ok to realize that my current position is not very challenging or what was advertised. The wheels are already in motion on that front.

It's ok that I have been in a blogging/writing funk lately. I have these ideas for blog posts swimming in my head but they just don't make it to blogger. I love the creative outlet of blogging and don't want to lose that.

It's ok that when talking to my mom yesterday my first reaction to the current temperature back home of 85 was damn that's hot. I forget that spring does not exist in Orlando.

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  1. Yes, it is all ok :) I do not think 85 is too hot, it was up to that this weekend and I was LOVING IT. It's ok that I'm complaining at 70 that it needs to be warmer, right? :) I've been in a funk for the last several months. This is the first month I have felt more like myself and more motivated.