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A Florida girl's guide to winter

February 20, 2015

In case you are lucky enough to live in a part of the United States that is not currently freezing its ass off, you might not be aware that the majority of us are frozen solid. Here in the DC metro area we got about 6 inches of snow from Monday night to Tuesday morning which meant snow day on Tuesday. Yes, we are snow wimps here in the nation's capital which is fine by me. This is my second experience in winter as I quickly learned seven years ago living in Massachusetts.

Fleece lined leggings are your new best friend

Layering is key for dressing in winter. This is not something you naturally learn as a Florida kid. I mean we don't even have anything resembling seasons. My fleece leggings are a godsend on these ultra cold days.

Gloves are a non-negotiable

I always carry my gloves with me. You need them and your hands will thank you for them. Don't just buy the cheap gloves either. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Winter has a way of making you lazy.

When the temperatures drop so does my motivation. I have no desire to put on my many layers just to venture outside. Instead I rather get cozy, curl up with a good book, or watch Netflix.

You will consume your weight in hot cocoa. 

I have always loved drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and what better time than winter. No guilt needed.

Taking the dog out becomes an exercise in not freezing to death.

Back in Orlando I had it easy in the mornings, we had a fenced in back yard to let Kavalier out to do his business. Now living in an apartment it means getting on the many layers, taking him to the dog run while impatiently waiting for him to do his business. I'm convinced Uggs were created to make this process easier, just slip on and go.

Apparently you need several types of winter coats.

I'm in the midst of learning this lesson. I have 3 coats but next winter I will buy at least one heavy duty winter coat. My heaviest wool coat is getting a little too much time in the rotation.

Any other winter tips for a former Florida girl?


  1. Well the plus side is you are surviving your first real winter!! The snow can't last forever. It's got to be such a change. I can only imagine but I know it would be tough for me to get used to.

  2. Yes to fleece leggings!! I do not miss winter weather at all!! I really do hate winter. When we were back in NC it as 3 degrees one night, I was not prepared for that.